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Ultra Wide Band
UWB unmatched technical features

UWB is a radio technology based on the IEEE standard 802.15.4a/z, which has been optimized for micro-location and secure communication.

UWB is highly accurate. It can pinpoint people and things to within just a few centimeters, making it 100 times more accurate than the current implementations of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi.

UWB is reliable because it has high immunity to various types of interference, including multipath.
UWB also offers very low latency, with update rates of up to 1000 times per second and readings that are as much as 50 times faster than satellite navigation.


TrueSense UWB modules are designed with the scope of relieving customers from dealing with all complexities related to RF design, validation, integration and manufacturing of UWB-enabled products.

DCU 040
UWB Module

Based on NXP Trimension™ SR040 UWB IC, 1 Pcb Antenna, clock, filters and peripheral components. With DCU 040 there is no RF design required.

DCU 150
UWB Module

Based on NXP Trimension™ SR150 UWB IC, 3 Pcb Antennas, , clock, filters and peripheral components. With DCU 150 there is no RF design required.

DCU 023
UWB Module

Based on NXP Trimension™ OL23D0 UWB IC with personalizable firmware, 1 Pcb Antenna, clock, filters and peripheral components.

Evaluation kit

VULKANO allows easy development of customers’ products. Flexible configuration to be used with its on board NXP QN9090 (with BLE5.0), Secure element and G-sensor, or to be plugged to Arduino dev board or to external CPU.


in a small footprint with pcb antennas


steps for calibration and tuning of the final product


for power supply configurations

Custom Software & Apps

UWB knowledge on hybridization of ranging and doppler functionalities in one single device.

We develop AI on the edge algorithms for UWB sensor with unique Radar features.
From personalized Firmware to Mobile Apps & Cloud platform based on customer specs and use cases.
We can help customer to integrate existing SW with different platforms.

From industrialization to testing SW capabilities for better time to market.

Custom Design

We design & develop customized product and module based on customer requirements and specification.

With a unique and proven knowledge on RF design and different sensors integration, our R&D team can design, prototype and finally industrialize customers’ devices.

From secure ranging (tags, anchors, trackers, point & trigger devices, etc.) to radar devices (monitoring, caring, pulsing) for any customer’s smart applications and services.

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