Customer centric
We turn customer ideas in real products
UWB takes connectivity experiences to a new era

Do you wonder how each of these experiences are made possible? The Core UWB services  are all leveraging the unique fine-ranging  and radar capabilities at user level. All use cases essentially rely on three core services: hands-free access control, location- based services and device-to device services.

Custom Software & Apps

UWB knowledge on hybridization of ranging and doppler functionalities in one single device.

We develop AI on the edge algorithms for UWB sensor with unique Radar features.
From personalized Firmware to Mobile Apps & Cloud platform based on customer specs and use cases.
We can help customer to integrate existing SW with different platforms.

From industrialization to testing SW capabilities for better time to market.

Custom Design

We design & develop customized product and module based on customer requirements and specification.

With a unique and proven knowledge on RF design and different sensors integration, our R&D team can design, prototype and finally industrialize customers’ devices.

From secure ranging (tags, anchors, trackers, point & trigger devices, etc.) to radar devices (monitoring, caring, pulsing) for any customer’s smart applications and services.

UWB experience: entering in a new world of business possibilities

UWB applications will provide seamless user experiences using the secured fine ranging, positioning and radar capabilities of interoperable UWB technologies

Smart Building & Industrial
Asset Tracking
Controlled Access
Social Distancing
Physical Access Control
Indoor Navigation
Employee Tracking & Security
Patient Tracking
Find Equipment
Proximity based People Data Sharing
Smart Home & Consumer
Point and Trigger Controller App
Residential Access Control
Easy Access to Personal Devices
Gesture-Based Control
VR Gaming & Group Play
Find Someone/Something Nearby
Presence-Based device Activation
Smart Cities & Mobility
Indoor Navigation
Ride & Bike Sharing (precise positioning)
Smart Parking
Smart Access Control
Keyless Car Access
eID Validation in Crowded Environment
Ticket Validation and Secure Payment
Reserved Seat Validation
Smart Retail
Unmanned Store Access
Store Traffic & Shopping Behavior
Tap-Free Mobile Payment
Targeted Marketing
Indoor Navigation
Drone-controlled Delivery
Exhibition Attendee Management