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Fully interoperable with IEEE® 802.15.4 HRP UWB standard.

VULKANO allows easy development of customers’ SW application and product thanks to Its flexible configuration that gives the option to be used either as an Arduino Host or Shield.

Stand-alone it can be used with its on board NXP QN9090 (with BLE5.0), NXP SE051 (Secure element), G-sensor and DCU150/040/023 plug in. Under this configuration the board can also host 3rd party Arduino Shield.

Alternatively it can be used as an Arduino Shield, and as such, with the full variety of 3rd party development boards that are compatible with this popular form factor.

Daughterboard plug in with UWB DCU040, DCU023 or DCU150 module;
MCU+BLE (QN9090);
Accelerometer-G Sensor (LSM6DSO);
Plug & Trust Secure Element (SE051W);
Back up battery (CR2032);
Arduino connectors;
Ideal to demonstrate RTLS, Industrial, Smart Home & Consumer applications
Smart Home Devices (Point & Trigger) & Access Control (Physical and Logical)
Technical specifications
Main carrier board
QN9090 with On-board PCB antenna for BLE
SE051, Plug & Trust Secure Element
Digital pressure sensor SPL006-01
Acceleration sensor SC7A20
CR1220 battery & USB-C connectors
Arduino connector
A toggle switch for battery power on/off
DIP Switches for signals switching between external Arduino board and QN9090
LEDs, Red/Green/Blue color
DCU 150 Module ADAPTER
DCU 150 Module ADAPTER
USB type-C cable to power the QN9090 board with USB 5V power or CR1220 coin battery to power it with 3.3V power
Mode selection
QN9090 mode or Arduino mode

Stand alone with its on board NXP QN9090 (with BLE5.0),  NXP SE051 (Secure element), G-sensor and DCU150/040/023 plug in.  Plugged onto an Arduino dev-board thanks to its pin-compatible-connectors

Interfaced to an external MCU via SPI/OS.

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It is designed to operate worldwide with support of 500MHz UWB channels 5 (6489.6MHz) to 9 (7987.2MHz).

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